Sunday, July 2, 2017

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Katherine Green is Selected by Turning Art: Art for The Average Consumer

Announcement November 12, 2011

We are pleased to announce TurningArt selected Katherine Green's art work to be featured in their preimier showcase of artists. Her art, photography and painting selected by TurningArt as featured in Boston Innovation was based on outstanding merit. TuningArts' innovative business model brings art to all consumers of art and art lovers. As Nextflix brings movies to movie lovers, TurningArt brings art to art consumers. Her work is expected to be featured during November or December 2011.

Please contact me, Alicia,  for more information or interviews at

This new business model brings fine art to homes and offices and is truely innovative. Check it out and sign-up today to enjoy the finest American art. "Try it until you like it." Check out TurningArt facebook page .

TurningArt Selects Katherine Green as Featured Artist

Special Announcement
We are please to announce that Katherine Green was selected by TurningArt, recently featured  in Boston Innovation. TurningArt selected her art work, painting and photography to be part of the premier selection of American Artist. Their unique business model provides art to consumers much like Netflix provides movies to movie lovers. TurningArt provides fine art collections that are selected from the highest quaity artist from across the country and allows their client to select from a wide range of styles and media. The motto of  "Try it until you get it right." Seems to fir and provide a service unique in the art world. Ms Green's work is expected to be featured in November or December 2011. Please check out TurningArt on Facebook or on the web. Sign up today to see more and to join the art program that allows you to try out art before you buy.

For more information please contact me Alicia at for interviews or media kits
'Boston Innovative

Friday, October 14, 2011

Art On a Roll

When It's Meant to be, It's Meant to Be.

This week the stars are aligned or I am finally doing my purpose. Recently, my art and photography were selected by an online Fine Art and Photography Agency. This means they want to rep my work  via the web. More to come on this topic. The first step was review of my work, the second was the agency's acceptance, final step 3 is to determine what is selected and if it my work is shown as a collection. Concurrently, I am reviewing the business model. What I don’t know is how artistic licensing and creative control is managed. "Really - who really has artist control unless you are George Clooney?"

Obviously, all the details need to be worked out. Believing or anticipating only the best, and at the same time, I prepare for the worse but hoping for the best.
Some weeks are so hard while others just seem to happen without a glitch. Love the no glitch stage.
Funny, last week everything was a struggle

This week - things just seem to be flowing together. Perhaps I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. Once had a friend in Turkey, he told me to follow my purpose, everything wasn't about money. (Money does help.) When inspired rather than doing what I was supposed to do, it seems to me, things work out better. When I'm motivated or passionate: things seem to work out. Somehow the money comes.

Looking for a Job????

The economy is sucky, why are we looking for jobs. Looking for a job - in this economy is a big pain; it’s like looking for a needle in haystack. It sucks every bit of life out of you. My advice is stop looking. Need money? Do something you love - walk dogs or bake cupcakes, teach what you know, if you are organized, organize closets for hire. Just do what pleases you, use your passion and talents. Seems if you do your favorite thing(s), no one can fire you or ever lay you off again. Say a prayer, honestly look at your talents and purpose. Tell your friends about your plan, ask for help, and just do it, accept help, take one step at a time, and simplify everything. Honestly, we can all make it doing what we love.

The New American Way
Just Let It Roll and Do It for Yourself!